Welcome – we are now testing reality tourism in Silicon Valley


This summer, Lufthansa became the first European airline to launch direct flights between Silicon Valley and Continental Europe. The route, which will run between Frankfurt and San Jose, seeks to bind together two of Europe’s and America’s most dynamic economic regions. Silicon Valley is home to some of the world’s most innovative companies, accelerators and universities, and the area is of great interest to business travelers.

At the same time, many private travelers are also curious about the Silicon Valley, which is today perhaps the world’s most mythical place – visible everywhere in popular culture. We want to make it easier for our travelers to quickly understand destinations in depth. We call it ”reality tourism”, which means that more and more travelers do completely different things than on a usual holiday: go on job interviews, apartment viewing and home parties. You escape your own reality to try out someone elses – experiencing another society first-hand.

To try out the concept, we created Lufthansa Reality Tours and sent our reality tourist Nille af Ekenstam to discover the real Silicon Valley, in conjunction with the opening of our new direct route to San Jose in the valley. Here, we will publish daily updates with reality touristic perspective from Silicon Valley. We at Lufthansa want to inspire you to discover new realities through any of our 400 destinations.

We believe this represents the next generation of tourism – tourism has evolved from relaxing, to be about experiencing, and now – eventually – to be about understanding the place you visit.

Lufthansa wants to meet many community-minded traveler increasing desire to experience the destination on a deeper level, beyond the obvious and clichéd. This is a first initiative to inspire reality tourism. During the trip, Nille af Ekenstam has tried out internet dating, visited the employment office and discovered ”bathroom idealism” – Silicon Valley’s equivalent to European ”kitchen sink realism”. Everything to experience as much as possible of the ordinary life of someone living in the Silicon Valley area.