Palo Alto – the town that moves sloooowly


Do you hate stress? Do you think walking is so pleasant that you try to prolong the activity for as long as possible? Then Palo Alto is the town for you.

In northern California we find the small city of Palo Alto. 70 000 people live there, and they all seem to have in common that they love to walk really, really slowly. And for no apparent reason. Some of America’s and the world’s most innovative companies are located in Palo Alto as well as one of the world’s most prestigious universities.

It has to be a reason why the seemingly industrious people of Palo Alto move so slowly, but I have not quite figured it out yet. Is it the weather? Sure, it is hot and sunny here, but there are other places in the world that are just as nice without turning it inhabitants into snails. Is it crowded? No, it is a lot of space on Palo Altos streets and sidewalks. Are there no places to go to? Not that either, there are a lot of stores that sell high tech gear of different sorts.

It has to be that people here are to healthy and happy. They enjoy life and they enjoy walking. Or perhaps they know that when their walks are done, they return to their fast paced work space or studies, the calm is over. They walk as meditation.

Work hard, walk slow.