Meet Nille af Ekenstam


Who are you?
– Nille af Ekenstam. A fairly normal type who just like any other is insanely fond of playing advanced board games, building things from electronics and mechanics, reading obscure comic books and swimming bath in the morning. I’m also something of a buffoon.

You are an experienced traveler. Why reality tourism?
– Yep! It’s fun to have an investigative methodology when you are traveling. You get more out of the trip and make more exciting discoveries than during a regular trip. The experiences will be different than if you had done as usual. The more you have traveled the more eager are you to try to get beneath the skin of the place you’re going to.

What will your blog contain?
– Impressions and thoughts from my visit to Silicon Valley and Nocal (Northern California, that is). The kind of surprising absurdities that one discovers in each destination if only you’re looking carefully enough. What surprised me most about Silicon Valley? That everybody states that traffic is a total disaster, when in fact, at its worst, it resembled a Thursday afternoon in Stockholm.

Do you think that reality tourism has a future?
– Definitely! And preferably in connection to a business trip. Stay a few days and explore by starting from the business hotel or in areas where people live and work. One should avoid commercial districts and tourist areas and focus on areas where ordinary life is going on.

Where are you flying next?
– North West England and Cumbria in September, followed by Los Angeles in October. Nothing planned further ahead than that, but would love to go and visit a friend in Shanghai sometime in the fall too.