Lufthansa Reality Tours

Lufthansa want to make it easier for travellers to understand the destination they are travelling to, in depth. We call it “Reality Tours”, it is a new form of tourism and it means that the travellers are doing completely different things than what they usually do on their vacation. They go to job interviews, apartment viewings and house parties. And they do it all to really get to know the society they are visiting at its core. To try out this new form of travelling, we sent Swedish social media star Nille af Ekenstam to discover the real Silicon Valley, in connection to the launch of Lufthansa’s Frankfurt-San Jose line. On this site, new articles are posted every day, sharing the experience of Reality Tourism in Silicon Valley.

Many of the people who travel for pleasure, tourists, want to escape their everyday life. Lufthansa’s new pilot project “Reality Tours” is instead about experiencing everyday life, but in a whole new place.  The new Lufthansa line to Silicon Valley became the inspiration for trying out the new concept. The line, that goes from Frankfurt to San Jose, will be excellent for European tech companies doing business with Silicon Valley, as well as for travellers and tourists that are curious about the region. We see reality tourism as the new generation of tourism. The purpose of tourism has evolved, from relaxation, to experiencience oriented tourism, to be about understanding.
Lufthansa want to satisfy travellers desire to understand the places they are going to in depth, beyond the obvious and the clichés. This is a first initiative to inspire travellers to try out reality tourism on their own at one of our 400 destinations around the world. During Nille’s reality tour, he has online dated, visited employment service and discovered “bathroom idealism”, a Silicon Valley take on kitchen sink realism. Everything to understand as much as possible of the everyday life of the Silicon Valley resident.