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Are you tired of tourist traps and looking for the real, genuine experience when you are travelling? Then you should probably try out reality tourism. Reality tourism means that you – as a tourist – do completely different things than you are used to when vacationing: Going to job interviews, commuting and going to house parties. The idea behind the concept is to escape your own everyday life, by adapting to a new everyday life in a whole new place. As Lufthansa recently opened a direct flight line from Frankfurt to San Jose, we decided to create Lufthansa Reality Tours, and fly swedish social media star Nille af Ekenstam to discover the real Silicon Valley. On this site, we will publish new stories from the tech capital region of the world daily to inspire you to try out reality tourism for yourself at any of our 400 locations.

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Tie or t-shirt? What are the top students choosing today?

The culture at universities in northern California is, of course, largely affected by startups. This is increasingly true for Ivy League universities on the east coast as well, and especially Boston is a booming startup hub.

Temporarily poor tech billionaires

“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”

Bathroom idealism instead of kitchen sink realism

”You Must Be The Change You Wish To See in The World”

This is written on the inside of a public restroom stall in Silicon Valley. These kind of inspirational quotes may feel somewhat misplaced in this setting, but here, it feels completely normal. Silicon Valley is pretty far from kitchen sink realism.

If I need a bag for the 17 pieces of clothing I bought? Yes.

This happened to me in several clothing stores in- and in close proximity to San Jose. I walk towards the counter, with about 17 pieces of clothing clinched between my hands and my chest. I can barely walk with the pile of stuff without tilting backwards

Homeless or billionaire?

During our trip, we met with Jon, who often plays a game with his wife. The two of them live in Santa Cruz, driving distance from Silicon Valley.

Their game is called ”Homeless or billionaire?”

Santana Row Proves that the US is better at copying europe than the other way around

Should we even be surprised that the United States make Europe better than ourselves?

You know how it is when you are traveling, you need to stay somewhere. Since the aim of my visit to Silicon Valley is to experience the location as near a local perspective as possible, it’s also logical to choose an accommodation based on that premise.

Palo Alto – the town that moves sloooowly

Do you hate stress? Do you think walking is so pleasant that you try to prolong the activity for as long as possible? Then Palo Alto is the town for you.

In northern California we find the small city of Palo Alto. 70 000 people live there, and they all seem to have in common that they love to walk really, really slowly. And for no apparent reason.

The hands of the anonymous coder

Mineta San Jose International Airport strikes us as a harmonious and peaceful place as we land, almost unusually much so to be an airport. The people moving to and from their gates, checking in luggage and saying their hellos and goodbyes flow, like a gentle river stream, in and out of the airport.

Welcome – We Are Now Trying Reality Tourism in Silicon Valley

This summer, Lufthansa became the first European airline to launch direct flights between Silicon Valley and Continental Europe. The route, which will run between Frankfurt and San Jose, seeks to bind together two of Europe’s and America’s most dynamic economic regions.

Meet Nille af Ekenstam

Who are you?

– Nille af Ekenstam. A fairly normal type who just like any other is insanely fond of playing advanced board games, building things from electronics and mechanics, reading obscure comic books and swimming bath in the morning

A case for airplane Wi-Fi being better than the faster Wi-Fi on the ground

Sometimes I feel that a high-speed Internet connection actually might be harmful to us all. It never takes any time for websites to load anymore – and the incredible speed damages our attention span. As a matter of fact, the human attention span has been shortened with a third – just under the 21th century – and high-speed Internet connection might be to blame.