Six types of parks in Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley is full of parks. Here is a list of six different parks that all can be found in the Valley:

1. Skating park
Skating is a big thing in Silicon Valley. In Sweden, it is not as socially accepted to skate to work as an adult, but here, it is common behavior. An example of a skating park in the area is the one in Santa Clara.

2. Trailer park
One trailer park can still be found in Silicon Valley, but it will probably be gentrified soon.

3. Regular park
There are a lot of nice parks in Silicon Valley where you can stroll, sport or have picnic.

4. National park
During the weekends, the people of Silicon Valley go camping in nearby national parks, such as Redwood, Yosemite and Sequoia.

5. Dog park
There are lots of dog parks here as well. Among others, a member’s only dog park for fun-loving dogs and their owners at Humane Society Silicon Valley.

6. South Koreans named park
Park is the third most frequent Korean surname, and a number of successful Silicon Valley Koreans are named park.